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Currency rate as at:
08 July 2020
buy sell NBU
USD 26.75 27.30 26.93
EUR 29.90 30.70 30.41
RUB 0.31 0.39 0.38
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* Currency Euro / US Dollar at the rate of NBU, including JsC "Misto Bank" commission in the amount of 1%. Only for Dollar / Euro.

Currency rate as at:
08 July 2020
buy sell NBU
USD 26.75 27.30 26.93
EUR 29.90 30.70 30.41
RUB 0.31 0.39 0.38

Private Clients - Payment cards

Card to card transfer

  1. Transfer currency - hryvnia;
  2. Recipient Card currency - any;
  3. Transfer made only between the cards issued by Ukrainian banks;
  4. Transfer fee - 1% + 5 UAH;
  5. Transfer fee will automatically be charged to the sender's card, according to the transfer amount;
  6. The term of enrollment - depends on the rules of the card issuing bank of the recipient (usually the funds are credited within a few minutes).
  • 24.999 uah - maximum amount of transfer;
  • 30.000 uah - maximum amount of transfers per day for sender’s cards;
  • 75.000 uah - maximum amount of transfers per month for sender’s cards;
  • 150.000 uah - maximum amount of transfer per month to the recipient’s card;
  • 3 - the maximum number of all transfers per day from the Bank card;
  • 25 - maximum number of transfers per day for one card;
  • 100 - maximum number of transfers per calendar month on one card.

Card to card transfers are certified according to the PCI DSS data security standard for payment cards operation, developed by the Safety Standards Council of the payment cards industry. Also to ensure the transfers security, we use processing center «Platon», which supports the latest security technology: Verified by Visa, Master Card Secure Code, 3-D Secure.


To make a successful transfer the following information is needed:

  1. Sender's card number (16 digits, expiration date, card security code on the back of the card);
  2. Recipient’s card number (16 digits);
  3. The phone to receive a password via SMS.

Procedure steps for online card to card money transfer:

  1. Enter data in the required fields on the first page:
    • Sender’s bank card number (16 digits)
    • The card validity date (month and year);
    • The secret card code of the sender (three-digit number on the reverse side)
    • Transfer amount;
    • The recipient’s card number;
    • Phone number.
  2. Click the "Continue" button and go to another page. Check the bank fee amount and confirm the transfer;
  3. After receiving an SMS to a specified number, enter the password specified in the SMS and click "Transfer" button.

In case of transfer service error from card to card, please:

  1. Carefully read its content and act in accordance with recommendations;
  2. If necessary, please call «Platon» technical support: (044) 339-99-04.